Blog post dedicated to 18 th wedding – adulthood away from young money Astana – because the 1998

Blog post dedicated to 18 th wedding – adulthood away from young money Astana – because the 1998

Year after year the environmental reputation of one’s ‘southern capital’ deteriorates dramatically

July six, 1994 – try signed the fresh Resolution of the Ultimate Council of the Republic of Kazakhstan “With the import of the financing of the Republic away from Kazakhstan.” Today, this go out is theoretically proclaimed as the Day’s the capital. 1996 – Best Far eastern, African and you can Western european architects possess attained to discuss the new illustrations away from general creativity bundle of the the financing. New around the world race to find the best standard development of Astana won japan designer Kisho Kurokawa. Akmola is actually proclaimed just like the money off Kazakhstan into the tenth December 1997 from the President off Kazakhstan Nursultan Abishevich Nazarbayev and also the Parliament away from Republic out-of Kazakhstan. This new around the globe demonstration from Astana, due to the fact the money of Kazakhstan, was held to your tenth Summer 1998. When you look at the 1999 Astana try approved into medal and you will title out-of City of Serenity because of the UNESCO. Today the brand new city’s area is more than eight twenty two sq .. km.

Of the Presidential ed toward Astana

The first capitals throughout the modern-day, previous and you may progressive history of Kazakhstan was a few additional cities in the same time frame Alash-kala (1917-1920) – currentntly entitled Semey ( 1 / 2 of part of Alash-kala Region of Kazakhstan was indeed taked faraway from Kazakhstan about additional attacks regarding Russian Kingdom and you will USSR and you will turned into progressive Kemerovskaya oblast – Kemerovo ( Kazakh urban area Komir kemer interpreted from kazakh as the Slope hillside regarding coal ), Altayskiy Kray – Barnaul ( Kazakh Hills from Altai with Kazakh town Boranaul interpreted out-of Kazakh due to the fact town regarding accumulated snow-storm otherwise town of blizzard) and Altai Republic – Gorno-Altaisk.(Kazakh Mountains out-of Altai having Kazakh town Kos-Agash otherwise Kosh-Agash means the latest woods couple in addition to curtain of your trees and exact interpretation on the Kazakh word “kosh” and you can “agash” mode “good-bye, this new forest”, comparable to centered right here treeless surface) Kazakh Tobol Area completely taked regarding and from now on they a keen territory of contemporary Tumenskaya oblast – Tumen ( Kazakh urban area Tomen and thus Down), Tobolsk (Kazakh town into river Tobyl and this titled once Tobyl-Tura Siberian Kazakh Khan) and you can Novosibirskaya oblast-Novosibirsk ( Sibir or Siberia is actually an effective Kazakh lands of Siberian Kazakh Khanate), Tomskaya oblast-Tomsk ( Kazakh urban area Tombi

Kokand (off 1917-1918, after Tashkent from 1918-1924)) – currently it metropolitan areas located on the region away from Uzbekistan due to the fact Oct 27, 1924 – 1925 as a result of the national-territorial delimitation away from administrative and you may territorial change out-of USSR moved to new recently-molded the latest Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic 1925 with a funds when you look at the Samarkand (created from brand new shared territories of disbandment of your own Khorezm Socialist Soviet Republic, regarding Bukhara Soviet Socialist Republic and taked out-of territoies regarding Kazakhstan regarding Syrdarya region of Kazakhstan Amudariya and you may Tashkent countyies),

Orynbor ( currently titled Orenburg) in the 1920 – 1925 ( later the Kazakh territoryies had been taked removed from Kazakhstan – Kazakh Orynbor Part (currently 1 / 2 of Orynbor Part became part of Bashkiriya-Russia’s Freedom Republic), Orenburg , Kurgan ( is actually Kazakh city Korgan) and you will Chelyabinsk ( try Kazakh town Chelyabi) oblast(regions) regarding Russian Federation) ; Kazakh Bukei Region, Kazakh Nogay Horde and you will Astrakhan Kazakh Khanate ( currently Astrakhan oblast and you can Kalmyk Self-reliance Republic regarding Russian Federation ( Niche dating sites free Kazakh urban area Asterkhan-Kazhy Tarkhan ) and state Sary-Tau ( now entitled Saratovskaya oblast-Saratov), state Sary-Su( called during the Russian Kingdom Tsaritsyn up coming renamed to Volgagrad) and you may ; Kazakh area and you can condition Ombi off Akmola Area ( currently Omsk Region of Russian Federation) ; Kazakh places and you will countyies Tombi and you may Tobyl ( currently Tomsk and you will Tobolsk),

Kazakhstan then it is actually transferred to Kyzylorda inside the 1925. The development of one’s Turkish rail are the main reason for transferring the administrative centre to help you Alma-Ata during the 1929. The administrative centre are gone out-of Almaty to help you Akmola to own financial, ecological and you may geographical explanations. Almaty is actually far from the real geographic heart of one’s country. The populace when you look at the Almaty is nearly 1.5 mil and no next candidates to possess housing. Indeed the city is fairly overbuilt, heavily populated possesses no spare parts to own innovation. Transportation is even difficulty. It is perhaps one of the most polluted locations in Kazakhstan. Akmola are picked as the most readily useful option, based on a country-broad study looking at 32 details in addition to socioeconomic indices, environment, landscaping, seismic condition, natural environment, systems and you may transportation infrastructure, structure establishment and work force. Decisive benefits associated with Astana integrated their total updates, area, main venue, proximity to help you big economic locations and blood vessels, possibility to improve their inhabitants in order to 400,000, stable utility provides, well-create transportation structure and you will balanced natural environment.