So after a week on Tinder, I basically have nothing to show for it

So after a week on Tinder, I basically have nothing to show for it

8:25pm: Still nothing. I guess he was after one thing and he didn’t get it, so now he’s moved on. What a d**khead!

Monday6:25pm: Here goes the happn experiment, and I’m hoping I’ll have more luck with it. I set up my profile, which is pretty easy… but ooh, I really like how I can connect my Spotify to it! Being a bit of a muso, finding someone with similar tastes would be cool.

I definitely had more luck on happn than I did on Tinder, and I think it really comes down to the kind of guys both apps attract

Tuesday7:37pm: I’m scrolling through happn now and I can’t get over how many familiar faces I can see! I haven’t actually talked to any of these guys, but I’ve definitely seen a bunch of them before. On the app I can see roughly where we crossed paths, and it seems I must cross paths with a few of them on the way to and from work. How funny!

Wednesday8:36am: I’m on the tram to work and that hot guy with the funky glasses is here again. I wish I had a reason to talk to him, I feel like he’s a bit quirky. I wonder if he’s on happn?

8:48am: Just walking to the office and scrolling though happn… oh my gosh, he is there. I like him, and it turns out he likes me back. Yassss!

am: I’ve got butterflies, the guy just messaged me! His name is Nathan and he works in Central but lives in Malvern, so not far from me. Oh, and he’s really funny!

pm: Literally, Nathan and I have been messaging all day and night. I’m so sleepy now though, so I’ve told him we can chat tomorrow.

Thursday8:54pm: I’ve been chatting to Nathan all day again, he’s so easy to talk to! He’s also asked if I want to hang out this weekend, which I absolutely do. We’re going to have Saturday afternoon drinks in Richmond. Yay!

It’s super early days with Nathan, so I’m not going to forget about happn just yet, but I definitely can’t see myself using Tinder again

Friday9:47pm: I’m currently out for drinks with friends on Chapel at the moment, and have been checking my phone every now and then to chat to Nathan. Each time I check the app, I see more guys pop up that I recognise, so I must have crossed paths with them this evening. I think I really like Nathan so I’m not going to start chatting to the other guys just yet.

Saturday3:30pm: I get to the pub and Nathan is already there. He’s so lovely! We order drinks, but I don’t feel awkward with him at all, we have so much in common.

6:45pm: We’ve had a few drinks now, and we’re both starting to get hungry. Nathan just asked if I want to grab dinner somewhere, so it seems we’re moving on from the pub.

pm: After dinner and wine, I don’t think I can handle more alcohol. Nathan also said he needs to go home, but he would love to see me again. So sweet, he said he’ll wait until an Uber comes and picks me up before he leaves.

Sunday8:47am: Nathan just messaged me… he said he had heaps of fun and asked if I want to meet up again next week. Success!

Even if I hadn’t met Nathan, I still preferred happn since it felt a little more real life than the randoms asking me “DTF?” on Tinder. And hey, check me out… I have another date this week!

Sunday8:47am: I message Daniel to say thanks for drinks and walking me home last night, and that I had fun. I also said we should do it top article again if he’s up for it.